Coconut Cultivation Board, was established for the purpose of developing the coconut plantation in the island by an order published by the Hon. Minister of Plantation Industries in the Government gazette notification dated 30th March 1972 under the powers vested in him in terms of the provisions of clause 01 of the Coconut Development Act No. 46 of 1971.


  • To meet the demand for coconuts from the Coconut Consumers and Processors the number of coconut trees should be increased abundantly to maintain a steady flow of production of coconuts.
  • Through the Diversification of Animal Husbandry/Intercrops, the productivity of coconut lands and the income of farmers to be increased.
  • Organizing of Small land owners, who are interested in Coconut Cultivation and small and medium coconut based industries as community based organizations and to offer job opportunities to eradicate poverty.
  • To meet the challenges of the country’s demand for dietary and industrial needs in the annual national coconut production in Sri Lanka to be increased to 3650 million nuts by the year ending.
  • Converting all the existing coconut lands into full-fledged Coconut Model Gardens and the profit to be increased by 20% by the year ending


  • To raise a fully fledge Coconut Cultivation within Sri Lanka.
  • Uplifting the utility of coconut lands by growing suitable intercrops in coconut lands.
  • To establish the soil and moisture conservation in coconut lands
  • To reduce the damage caused by insecticides and diseases.
  • Implementing of programs to develop the skills of the Coconut Growers.
  • The adaptation of Coconut Model Gardens of the Coconut Cultivation Board to increase the technical knowledge and know -how of the Coconut Growers.
  • To maintain an extension service based on requests and to issue high quality inputs.
  • To produce the coconuts needed for home consumption, coconut-based products and the foreign market.


  • Address: 9/428, Denzil Kobbekaduwa Mawatha, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka
  • Email:  ccb@sltnet.lk
  • Telephone: +94 (11) 2861331
  • Fax: +94 (11) 5549507

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