Coconut Cultivation Board

Ministry of Plantation Industries


Mr. Palitha Pelpola

Chairmen of Coconut Cultivation Board

 Mr. Palitha Pelpola is the current Chairman of the Coconut Cultivation Board and Kapruka Fund Management Board under the Ministry of Plantation Industries. He is also a member of the Board of Directors in Coconut Research Institute, Coconut Development Authority and Tea, Coconut, Rubber Land Fragmentation Control Board. In addition, he holds several senior positions in Ministry of Plantation Industry, Ministry of Investment Promotions and Ministry of Public Administration Management.


Mr. J.A. Ranjith

Secretary of the Ministry of Plantation Industries

Mr. J.A. Ranjith is the current Secretary to the Ministry of Plantation Industries. He was an Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and the Director General to the Technical Education and Training. Further, he has served as the Administrative Officer to Akuressa, Embilipitiya, Godakawela and Kahawatta regions.


Hon.Navin Dissanayake

Minister of plantation industries

Hon. Navin Dissanayake is the current Minister of Plantation Industries and a Member of Parliament from the United National Party in Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Prior to this appointment he was the Minister of Tourism & Minister of Sports and was the Minister of Public Management Reforms, Deputy Minister of Plantation Industries and was the Minister of Investment Promotion.


Hon A.D. Champika Premadasa

State minister of plantation industries

R.A.D.S. Ranathunga (GM)1

Mr. R.A.D.S. Ranathunga

General manager of Coconut Cultivation Board

Mr.R.A.D.S. Ranathunga is the Director General Manager to the Coconut Cultivation Board. Prior to this position, he served as the Director to the Air Resource Management and National Ozone Unit of the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment and the Director to the National Disaster Relief Service Centre.